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Scheduling an Appointment - Online booking

Dr. Farrell's online booking capability is currently suspended due to COVID-19. All patients must speak to Dr. Farrell prior to appointments being booked to ensure "emergent care" criteria are met. Please call the office at (780) 966-3876 to book. 


Dr. Farrell’s message service operates 24/7.  Be sure to leave your name, number where you can be reached, along with the approximate date/time you are hopeful for an appointment.  Your call will be returned as soon as is possible.

Dr. Farrell’s can also be reached for emergency situations at the same number.

Late Arrivals

Patients presenting with less than 1/2 of their scheduled time remaining in their allocated visit time slot may be asked to reschedule and charged the missed appointment fee.

If you are running late, please call or text 780-966-3876 to let us know. It is often possible to swap appointments with someone who may have arrived early. It can also be determined whether a late arrival can be accommodated or if rescheduling may be necessary ahead of your arrival.

Clinical practice is unpredictable. Some patients present in an emergency situation, which can take longer than their scheduled time.  One day this may apply to you. We appreciate your understanding in the event such instances occur, which can force the clinic to fall behind.  

Dr. Farrell makes it a priority to never run more than 20 mins behind.  He schedules “catch up” spaces in his day to keep things on track as best as possible.  Despite best efforts, situations do arise, and we appreciate your patience and understanding.  For patients where punctuality is key (DATS service, etc.) we suggest booking the first appointment of the morning or after lunch.  We will do our best to accommodate these requests.

Feeling rushed? Too much hurt for too little time?

Dr. Farrell chooses to operate with longer 20/30/60 min appointment times to ensure patients leave feeling as though their complaints were adequately addressed.  

Patients can present with multiple or more complex complaints. They may also have developed a new issue such as a concussion or a pinched sciatic nerve between visits for another problem. Such instances may require additional consultation time to address. 


If ever you feel your complaints have not sufficiently been addressed in the allotted appointment time, or if you are returning with new injuries than those identified at your initial examination, please book a longer appointment.  More time will help ensure you get what you came for.

Cancellation & Missed Appointment Policy

Appointments can be canceled online through your Jane App booking system or by phone. 

Please extend the clinic and other patients the courtesy of leaving a message in the event you cannot make your appointment.  This will likely allow your space to benefit someone on our waiting list, which one day could be you!  Dr. Farrell's office has voicemail 24/7.  We recommend putting the clinic phone number (780) 966-3876 on your phone.

​Missed appointments and those canceled with less than 4 hours notice will be charged the full fee for the missed appointment. Dr. Farrell is understanding of extenuating circumstances for first-time offenses. Please note 24 hours notice is required for longer (30 min and 1-hour) visit appointment cancellations.


We offer FREE automated appointment email reminders.  Please ensure the clinic has your up to date cell phone number and email address and ensure emails are not going to your spam folder.

Missed appointments are not eligible for reimbursement from insurance providers. 

It's been a long time since your last visit


Healthy people belong in the real world... not the Dr.'s office. Patients who have gone more than 180 days between visits will automatically be booked for extended consults. Extra time is needed to update your chart, reperform examination tests, and organize further investigations that may be required if your symptoms have changed. These are important steps that may change your diagnosis and the treatment approach. This step is necessary to help ensure you are getting the highest quality chiropractic care.

Direct billing & Payment

Please refer to the fee page here for more information regarding direct billing and payment policy. 

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