Fee Schedule

*All payment is due at time of service*

Fee Schedule (Effective April 1st, 2020)

New Patient Consultation - $175 - 1 hour appointment

Standard Consultation* - $70 - 20 minute appointment 

Extended Consultation 1 - $90 - 30 minute appointment - (complex cases, chiropractic treatment + modalities)

Extended Consultation 2 - $175 - 1 hour appointment - (complex cases, chiropractic treatment + modalities)

*Patients with more than 180 days between visits will automatically be booked for an extended consultation 1 to allow time for reexamination and update consent.

*New patients with incomplete paperwork, complicated history, or dress that does not permit appropriate assessment may require an additional visit to complete intake.


Direct Billing & Insurance

Dr. Farrell’s services are claimable for reimbursement from private health insurance plans as "chiropractic services."

Dr. Farrell's office uses direct billing for Alberta Blue Cross, ASEBP, ARTA, and Medavie Blue Cross Plans in addition to the Telus eClaims direct billing service to offer more direct billing options for patients. If you are unsure whether your insurance plan allows direct billing, please contact them directly. The clinic is unable to determine this prior to your initial consultation for you.


Telus eClaims direct billing insurers require a completed consent form which can be found here. Please complete this and return it to the clinic if you would like to have direct billing performed on your behalf. Telus eClaims currently supports direct billing for the following supported insurers*: 


  • Canada Life

  • Manulife Financial

  • Sun Life Financial

  • BPA

  • Canadian Construction Workers Union (C.C.W.U.)

  • Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan


  • ClaimSecure

  • Cowan Insurance Group (managed by Express Scripts Canada)

  • Desjardins Insurance

  • First Canadian

  • GMS Carriers 49 and 50 (Express Scripts Canada)

  • GroupHEALTH

  • GroupSource

  • Industrial Alliance

  • Johnson Inc.

  • Johnston Group

  • LiUna Local 183

  • LiUna Local 506

  • Manion

  • Maximum Benefit

  • TELUS AdjudiCare


* Current as of April 2020. Please visit Telus eClaims FAQ list of participating insurers for the most up to date list.


For any non-listed third-party insurance provider, or for claims from above providers for plans that do not permit direct billing, a receipt to obtain reimbursement will be issued upon payment by the patient for submission outside the office. Email copies of receipts can also be provided. 


We encourage patients to sign up for an the clinic's JaneAPP free online booking/billing account to keep track of their health spending for tax purposes. For convenience, a credit card can also be loaded in the JaneAPP to cover payment for any billing over what is covered by a patient's direct billing insurance. Balances will automatically be deducted after insurance has been claimed which will save patients from processing time and help keep payment records organized.

Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) Patients

Patients being treated under the Alberta Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Program most often qualify for direct billing.

Workers Compensation Board (WCB) claims

Dr. Farrell is NOT a contracted WCB provider and therefore DOES NOT accept active WCB claims work. Patients with current claiming WCB related injuries are encouraged to contact their claims representative for a list of contracted WCB providers. Patients who seek care outside contracted WCB providers for work injuries may jeopardize their entitlement. If any uncertainty exists be sure to have written confirmation of your case worker's approval before booking an appointment.


If you experience a work-related injury that involves WCB insurance and want Dr. Farrell to assess your case, written authorization from your WCB case manager accepting Dr. Farrell's fee schedule must be received before your appointment is booked. You will be required to make payment for any related visits and seek reimbursement from WCB directly as Dr. Farrell's office will not bill WCB claims directly or on your behalf. Any reporting required for your case will be charged at Dr. Farrell's report writing rate which may not be reimbursed by WCB.

Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) Patients

Dr. Farrell's welcomes DVA Veterans Affairs patients and will arrange to bill for pensionable conditions directly with Medavie Blue Cross. Dr. Farrell offers DVA patients a 15% discount in appreciation for their service in cases where insurance does not cover the entirety of their visit cost. 


All senior Alberta residents +65 enjoy coverage of $25/visit up to $200/year.  This payment portion will be directly billed at the time of the appointment and subtracted from the balance owing.

Interactive Metronome Services

Interactive Metronome Initial Consultation - $175 for 1-hour appointment

Interactive Metronome Home Therapy Monitoring Fee - $80/week for agreed program duration


House Calls/Travel Fees

House Calls (Must be booked directly with Dr.Farrell) 

Consultation Fee + $100 travel fee* for appointments < 15km from clinic 

*Travel fee >15km will be negotiated on a case by case basis.  The travel fee will only apply once per location and will be shared by the number of patients seen at that location accordingly.

Chiropractic Report Fees 

Dr. Farrell's interest in patients with complex cases related to neck pain, lower back pain, headache, and concussion symptoms naturally leads to requests for forms to be completed and reports for insurance companies or legal defense work being requested.  All report fees are billed on a time basis at a rate of $350/hr with a minimum of $100.  Exceptions to this fee schedule are listed below:

Dr.'s Note for missed work - No charge (if done during the appointment)

Dr.'s Prescription for rehabilitation aid - No charge (if done during the appointment)

Cancellation/Missed Appointment Policy

Appointments canceled on short notice negatively impact both patient care and clinic efficiency.  This translates to unsatisfied patients and increased operating costs.  


Please extend the clinic and other patients the courtesy of leaving a message in the event you cannot make your appointment.  This will allow your space to benefit someone on our waiting list. One day this could be you!  Dr. Farrell's office has voicemail 24/7.  We strongly suggest putting the clinic phone number in your phone.​ After researching other professional's office policies for such situations, by comparison, Dr. Farrell feels a 4-hour notice is very fair as most offices require 24 hours notice.


Regular 20 min appointments canceled with less than 4 hours notice will be charged the full fee for the missed appointment. New patient appointments missed will be charged a $100 no show fee to be paid before re-booking. 30 min and 1 hr consultations require 24 hours notice for cancellation or will be charged the full fee for the missed appointment.


Dr. Farrell is understanding of extenuating circumstances and first-time offenses.  Please address any concerns over this policy and it's enforcement with Dr. Farrell directly.  Staff have no discretion over the enforcement of this policy.

To further assist patients, we offer FREE automated appointment email/text reminders.  Please ensure the clinic has your up to date cell phone number, email address, and ensure emails from the clinic are not going to your spam folder.


Missed appointments are not eligible for reimbursement from insurance providers.

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